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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Alecraft received another style change

The reason I paused all work on Alecraft (my tile-based RPG game) for quite a while is because it strayed from it's path. It became something I didn't like - clumsy, semi-real-time building game with weird controls.

This had to stop. And so I went ahead and changed a few core concepts of the game engine.
  • It is now a turn-based game. I considered this option in the very beginning of writing the game engine, but decided to make it more active, make it real-time. It was not a good idea. It resulted in a CPU-heavy update loop, because a lot had to be recalculated every single frame. Now the rendering loop works mostly with a static scene. Some games are just meant to be played in turns...
  • Graphics are simpler. Following the footsteps of any great rogue-like game, players should exercise their fantasy and not rely on (not so) fancy graphics. Entities should appear as tiles, simple icons representing something abstract. I will not go as far as using only ASCII characters, but it could be created as a skin in the future.
Let's hope this new direction of development makes this game more fun (to make and to play)!

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