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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alecraft domains working

I totally forgot about my old Alecraft hosting, so the domain was dead for a while. But fear not, for it is up and running again!

alecraft.dejvino.com | alecraft.dejvino.cz

Both the original dejvino.cz and the newly created dejvino.com domains work with the Alecraft subdomain. The website has been migrated to my new hosting. Now you can play my good old Alecraft/Minicraft version again. Oh yeah!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Alecraft :: Style change report

After playing around with a few ideas and experiments, this is my current status:




As I was aiming for a rogue-like style, the basic overview mode shows the map from above, the way we are used to play tile-based games.
But the view can be freely changed to any angle you want. This way you can examine the surroundings quite naturally. That is why the "tiles" are not just a flat square on the ground, but they use the whole volume of the given tile block to represent a tree, a zombie, ... or even a butterfly!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Alecraft ... bugs everywhere!

There are bugs everywhere! Some are even- ... procreating!

Alecraft received another style change

The reason I paused all work on Alecraft (my tile-based RPG game) for quite a while is because it strayed from it's path. It became something I didn't like - clumsy, semi-real-time building game with weird controls.

This had to stop. And so I went ahead and changed a few core concepts of the game engine.
  • It is now a turn-based game. I considered this option in the very beginning of writing the game engine, but decided to make it more active, make it real-time. It was not a good idea. It resulted in a CPU-heavy update loop, because a lot had to be recalculated every single frame. Now the rendering loop works mostly with a static scene. Some games are just meant to be played in turns...
  • Graphics are simpler. Following the footsteps of any great rogue-like game, players should exercise their fantasy and not rely on (not so) fancy graphics. Entities should appear as tiles, simple icons representing something abstract. I will not go as far as using only ASCII characters, but it could be created as a skin in the future.
Let's hope this new direction of development makes this game more fun (to make and to play)!