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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Smilies on Blogspot

I hoped that there would be some simple way to add smilies to Blogspot. Well, there is not. No widget or anything you could activate from the administration.
But, that shall not hold me back :-) . I actually found some tutorials on how to achieve this using JavaScript - just include this *.js, add some code here and voila, there you go. The problem was that these codes no longer work. It needed some tinkering with JS and CSS to get it going, but I now have smilies on all of my blogs. Furthermore, everything is managed centrally. That is - from one JS script.

Just a quick walkthrough (so I can use it in the future ;-) ):
1. Prepare the *.js script and post it somewhere accessible: 2. Fix the smiley image style in the "Custom CSS" section of template editor: 3. Include this just before the closing body HTML tag to activate the script:
(Don't forget to change the %%%SERVER_LINK%%% to something meaningful.)


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