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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The king is dead. Long live the king!

As I read my Twitter feed, I stumbled upon this series of messages by @notch:
(for those who don't know him - this is Markus Persson, the author of Minecraft and Minicraft)

Minicraft, my Ludum Dare game, is not Open Source. It has the source available because of LD rules, but there is no license.
Feel free to play around with it, but if you want to use if commercially, you need to talk to us at Mojang first.
You also can't re-release the code as open source. So those github things are technically not legal. ;)
As I am one of those people hacking around with the code of Minicraft (not to mention that its repository is on Github), this information concerns me. Officially, what I am working on is pretty much illegal. Notch probably won't do anything about this (he said that unofficially he doesn't care what we do), but that doesn't mean everything is all right.
Because of this I am forced to cease my work on Alecraft as a Minicraft mod. I reject to work on something that I couldn't officially call my own creation.

Nevertheless, I have put too much time and lines of code into Alecraft, so this is not the end of it! I have already started a new game based on the LWJGL engine and I have ported some of the code I have created previously. The graphics and sounds had to be dropped and replaced. But what came out as a result is a totally new and independent game. It borrows ideas from Dwarf Fortress, Minicraft and others. I call it - Alecraft! ... What? The same name as before? Yes! The name is mine and I like it. Get over it.

Alecraft is dead. Long live the new Alecraft!

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