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Monday, 23 January 2012

Alecraft :: progress report 5

New features just keep on coming. Here are some screenshots so you don't feel left out :-)

1. Sitting by the river.

2. Getting scared in the evening.

3. Feeling better in the morning.

To sum up the changes:
- created a water simulation system. It is dynamic and tile-based.
- activated a day / night cycle.
- light now changes during the day.
- added a sky simulation that changes during the day.


  1. I think you are getting too far away from the original concept. The reason everyone, including myself, like alecraft and minicraft in general, was the 2d topdown zelda feel it had to it. We don't want another minecraft clone.

  2. I liked the 2d feeling, but I'm eager to see what alecraft becomes!