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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Alecraft :: progress report 2

I've been playing around with Blender. It is indeed a professional-grade 3D rendering tool. If you learn how to use it, that is. It has a rather newbie-killing kind of controls, but once you learn a few basic things it lets you do wonderful graphics.
But lets not get distracted. The thing I wanted to share was this Alecraft logo preview:

It's not much, but the possibility to use the same models I use in the actual game was tempting. And this image came out. Hopefully it could replace the original retro logo:

The contrast between these two images nicely shows how different the two versions of the game are :-)

Update 12.01.2012: A bit better version of the logo.


  1. Looks good, try adding a little more light and brightening up the box a few shades so you can more easily see the box in relation to the bottles. Also, try removing the glare from the box. It looks like your going for a classic wooden look for the box and i think it might help.

  2. Thanks for the input :-) It was quite late when I finished this, so I am definitely going to make a new version later on.