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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Alecraft in OpenGL

I am currently working on an upgrade of the graphical engine used in Alecraft (my Minicraft mod).
The original version simply copied pixels to and from byte arrays and then copied the result to the main window. This is somewhat limiting - the number of available colors is small, everything has to fit into a grid of few times few pixels, also the performance is penalized by this approach.
I changed the engine of the game (surprisingly it wasn't that hard, Minicraft is pretty well written), so now it is using OpenGL. Not that this game needs any 3D graphics, but because it can only lead to a more powerful engine. Everything is naturally backwards compatible, meaning the game could look totally the same, if I wanted to. And as you can see from the screenshot, not much has changed. Currently only the fog-of-war took advantage of the new technology. It looks a bit more natural while keeping its old-school low-res look.

I might add some special effects or more 3D-ish elements into the game in the future, who knows. But I prefer this simple rogue-like style, so the change shouldn't be that drastic.

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