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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alecraft :: Alpha version 1.0.0 released!

 ... and here it is.

I have updated the Alecraft homepage, now there is a link to start the new version 1.0.0 via Java Web Start. If you liked the old game (we all did!), don't worry. It is still there, the links are still the same. If you want to reach them through the main page, you just have to use the "Old Alecraft homepage" link.

So what is in the newer version? To be honest, a lot is missing compared to the previous one. There are no battles, no crafting, no main goal, ... it is just a block-building game so far. But don't worry. This new engine gives us new and exciting possibilities. I will slowly start enhancing it and hopefully bring it back to its previous function-filled glory.

The game controls are as follows:
WASD / arrows - movement
C / left mouse button - attack, destroys a block in the current direction
X / right mouse button - menu, places a wooden block
Mouse left & right - rotates the camera around the avatar
Mouse up & down - changes the viewing angle
Mouse wheel - changes the viewing distance

And that is it. Tell me what you think. Feedback is appreciated.

Oh! And one more thing...just be safe, don't fall over the edge of the world :-)


  1. After trying it out, im not liking the ability to turn the camera at all. I think it should be locked in place. Also, the semi-3d makes aiming at a certain block very very hard.

  2. At first I had the camera fixed and intended to leave it that way, but as there are sometimes pretty complicated situations when you can't see much, I decided to set it free.
    The aiming needs some getting used-to. After that it becomes easy and you can build pretty fast. The main idea is that there are only 8 directions in which you can be turned and the turning is instantanious (the avatar is a bit slower, but that is just an effect).