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Monday, 26 December 2011


The last few days have been exhausting. Coding from morning until- ... well, morning. But it was fun.
My latest project is called Alecraft. It is a fork of a game called Minicraft by Markus Persson. He made his version in 48 hours, I have spent a bit more time on it since he released it as open source, but I think it was worth it.

In short - Alecraft is a mod of Minicraft. It uses the same base engine, but I changed a lot of it. Namely it has a save & load option (the original version lacks this) and a different map view. Alecraft is using fog-of-war, which means you can see only what your character can see. Everything else is in darkness.
My goal is to add some RPG-like features - villages with NPCs you can interact with, some storyline, ... So far I managed to add randomly generated buildings throughout the land.

I have set up a small site on which you can test it:

It won't always be the latest version, but it is certainly worth a try. The latest source code is available at github.com/Dejvino/Minicraft.

Interesting? Have ideas? Want to help out? Contact me or leave a message.

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